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Certains textes sont quand même en français *et* anglais.


Salagir's Zelda Website

All the Links of all the games

Blond or Brown? Child or Adult? A big load of images of your hero, Link

[FR] Zelda Phantom Hourglass, mode multiplayer

Des techniques pour gagner !

Everything about the games

This is a big presentation about the differents Zelda games and their differences.

Zelda 256

It's my fanfic. Really fun !

Zelda Download

Musics (SPC, mid...), roms, images, maps, everything you wouldn't even think about Zelda, the game.

Why Zelda Rocks in 3 points

It's the ultimate prouf
Il y a aussi une version francaise.

The cave

Just an HTML page with no content, but whatever will be the size of your navigator window, (check by resizing it) this Zelda 3 looking cave will always fit perfectly ! (big screens version here)


screenshot of the game
Comment ça j'ai triché ? Vous dites ca simplement parce que j'ai tellement de coeurs qu'ils dépassent les items ?