Zelda 256 : The Quest For the Holy Triforce.

At the beginning of this story, Link was quietly sleeping under an apple tree when he heard a telepathic message from the princess Zelda:
"-Link... Link...
-Link, I need your help. I'm prisoner in...
-Can't you speak louder, please? I can't hear you! There's too much static!
-Link, shut up! Just listen to me! Ganon made me prisoner in the castle of Hyrule. You must rescue me.
-This is getting boring. I already looked for the Triforce and destroyed Ganon in Zelda 1, 2, 3, and 64. I don't want to travel in these dirty castles in this game of the Mega 28. I'm tired. Just let me sleep in peace in this wonderful 3D-mapped land. The Dark World is driving me up the wall. And I can't bear those big lizards you're making me fight.
-Oh... Please... We'll make it short, I swear. Just rescue me. After, I'll manage on my own.

Link took his magical sword. He had won it in a contest months ago. He took a bottle from the "recovery spring" and went to the castle of Hyrule. This castle was very big and well protected. There was water all around it and the big entry door was closed. Link approached the entry and yelled "Hey, guys, I want to go in!"
The guard answered immediately: "No way, my friend. Because we are working on the outer worlds, the overseas countries said it was dangerous and not permitted. They declared war on us and no stranger is allowed in!
- I'm not a stranger! I live in the village over there!
- Sorry! Orders."

Link realized he had to find a secret passage to go in. He walked around the castle but there was nothing that looked like a secret entrance. While searching in a big plant in the forest around, he summoned a small guy who was leaving there.
"You there, how can you disturb my eternal sleep?
-I didn't know you were sleeping. Sorry!
-Let's forget that. I can help you. You want to go into the castle, right?
-How did you know?
-I'm the spirit of the earth. I know everything!
-...Maybe not the recipe of the pot-au-feu. I'm not good at cooking.
-And not the way to fish the African swordfish of the south ocean.
-Well, you...
-I learned to write the ancient language of the northeast redskin American in the 12th century, but I think I forgot the irregulars verbs.
-No, you didn't.
-I'm not sure I remember the exact number of chromosome a snake has...
-Enough! You said you could let me enter in the castle?
-I didn't say I can make you go in. I just said I help.
-OK, So please, tell me.
-It's not free. If you want help, you first make something for me.
-Okay. What do I have to do?
-I need... the pot-au-feu recipe!

Link went back to the village to get the pot-au-feu recipe. At the same time, in the Dark World, Ganon was making his plans to conquer Hyrule's world:
"I already own the Dark World because I found the first piece of the Triforce. But the over world belongs to the one who find the over part of the Triforce, and only Zelda knows where it is.
-What about the last part of the Triforce, master?" This is a monster working for Ganon speaking.
"The last part made give the control of the two worlds but it's guarded by the mighty wizard Thanatos. If I don't already own the two worlds, I won't be strong enough to beat him. The Triforce all reconstituted give the ultimate power and I want it, no matter what it takes. That makes me the bad guy of the story."

Link was looking for the earth spirit: "Hey, guy, I've got your stupid recipe!" He didn't remember where he found him.
"Where are you?
-Hello, yo-yo!" A blue man appeared.
"What the hell are you?
-I am the spirit of water! Zer-zer!
-Oh, great. I'm looking for a friend of yours.
-I know! Yo-yo! I know everything! Maybe not...
-No! Don't begin a stupid talk like him! And why are you saying yo-yo all the time?
-It was an audio effect to build a personality as a very strange, powerful spirit who knows everything but hides it with a happy, naive behavior, but if you don't like it...
-Well, it's just...
-OK. I'll stop. You want to see the earth spirit? He is gone now. His work finished ten minutes ago. I can help you. But it won't be free.
-Oh, what do you want?
-I want... the pot-au-feu recipe!
-Here you go.
-??? You've got it ??? Well. Listen to me.
You must search for the sand,
At the place in the forest
Where the grave stands
And the bird makes his nest
The entrance you will find,
But it will take time.
-What? What? What?
-Good luck!" He disappeared.

"So, Zelda, will you tell me where the 2nd part of the Triforce is?
-I thought you were going to say that. Then..."
Ganon tried to make Zelda talk.
"...Then you will have to watch the integral of "the little house on the prairie" until you talk!
Ganon went back to the living room of the castle of Hyrule, which was the secret entrance to the Dark World. A guard ran to the room in order to deliver a message. Surprised by Ganon's appearance, he didn't say anything.
"What is happening?" said the hypnotized king.
"Er... A spy went into the castle, my liege!
-A spy?
-Yes, you know, these people who come into the castle to take information to the enemy.
-Of... of course, I know! You stupid! It's just... Oh, just catch him!
-There is one problem... He has a magical sword and he can throw lightening at us!
-Hum... Said Ganon. I think I'll take care of him personally."

Link was running in the castle to the throne room. With his magical power, he was defeating the soldiers. In the room, he saw Ganon, waiting for him, alone.
"So, Link, ready to save the world again?
-No, not this time. Just Zelda. After, she will take care of herself. This began to be boring! I had to look for a stupid hole in a grave with nests all around, and there was sand falling into my face!
-Well, too bad for you, because we are at the beginning of the game, are you're not strong enough to beat me! So long!
-Link... (This is Zelda Speaking) I just broke a TV... I will give you all my power to save you from Ganon!"
An overwhelming force appeared around the two characters and magic pushed Ganon into the gate of the Dark World.
"Link... Come, fast... I'm downstairs..."
Link used the stairs and arrived in the cell of Zelda. She was lying on the floor.
"Oh nooo... Don't tell me I'll have to carry her to the 1st floor!"

After he destroyed a monster on the stairs, Link had no problem getting out of the castle and he placed Zelda in safety, in a house of friends of him, at the village.
"Well, now you're safe I can go back to my house and get some rest.
-No Link. You must find the 2nd part of the Triforce!
-You promised me I didn't have to go on with this quest. No more. I don't even know where this stupid part of the Triforce is!
-I know.
-Well you will go. No need to say where it is to everybody uh? Keep the secret and take it yourself. You need some exercise."
Link went back to a tree and Zelda prepared herself for the first adventure of her life.

Link devant le palais des montagnes - Zelda 3

At the middle of the story, Link was quietly sleeping under a lemon tree when Zelda appeared, running to him, and when she reached the tree she fell. She was exhausted.
"So, you've got the part of the Triforce? I'm happy for you.
-Link, I can't move I'm so tired.
-Yeah. Being a hero isn't easy nowadays.
-You must take the Triforce to place it in safety.
-The one who possesses a part of the Triforce doesn't gain some kind of power? Shouldn't you be as strong as Ganon, now?
-Of course not. If it were like that, the game wouldn't take long. We must understand how to use it. If we can't handle its power, we will become as wicked as Ganon. That's why I still didn't touch it. The part is in this bag.
-Well, magic is your business, I can't help you. Too bad.
-You must meet the old magician, Yoda. He will teach you how to use the Triforce.
-I don't want to go!
-Link! The destiny of the world is in your hands! You can't think only about yourself! Go to the swamps and meet Yoda! Right now!"

Link had to walk in the forest to go to the swamps. He destroyed some small monsters that weren't dangerous. He arrived in the center of the swamps, where Yoda is supposed to live.
"I never could resist a woman's order, but this time it went too far. That's the last time, I swear, I get into a stupid adventure like this!
I don't even know what Yoda looks like."
A small dark-green guy with long ears appeared. Link saw him:
"Sorry to tell you that, man, but you look like a monster. I was about to kill you.
-No! No kill me. Dangerous, I am not. I was just... wondering. What are you doing here?
-Well, I'm looking for someone.
-Who? Maybe I know him.
-Hum... I don't think so. I'm looking for a great magician. A magic knight.
-Oh... Yoda. You're looking for Yoda.
-You know him?
-Yes. To lead you to him, I can. But first, eat! Come in my house. It will be good. Come!"

Link tried to eat a very bad tasting soup in this small guy's house, whose he still didn't even know the name.
"Is the way to Yoda's house far?
-Patience, for Yoda too, it's time to eat.
-Oh... What the hell I am doing here? I'm wasting my time!"
A voice came from behind Link, where Yoda was:
"I can't teach him anything... He is too much impatient...
-Yoda?" Said Link. He turned and saw the truth: a tall man was behind the small green. He had on these bit outfit that magicians use to wear.
"Yoda! It is you!
-Yes, said the big man. I wanted to test you with the help of my small friend, here. His name is Jon Arbuckle.
-Great, I was looking for you, because...
-I know. I know...
-NO! You don't know everything! Stop saying that!
-What? I don't know everything. I was just saying that I know you're not mature enough to learn magic. You must prove your courage first. For that, you can bring me the pendant of Courage, and pass the exam of Socrates, and...
-No! I won't do anything else. I don't want to go on with this. You think I can't use the Triforce? You're certainly right. Then come with me, you will use it.
-But... It's not the usual...
-Yeah. Times are changing. Things evolve. The dinosaurs are no more, and this quest will finish for me right now. Go to Zelda and use the Triforce to destroy Ganon. Good luck!"

At the ending of the story, Link was quietly and peacefully sleeping under a watermelon tree when Yoda and his friend Jon appeared by teleportation close to him.
"Hi guys. I think you will never stop bothering me, right ?
-Link, I had no problem destroying Ganon. I have the two parts of the Triforce. The world is safe.
-Good. Good for the world. And good night, too.
-There is one last thing. You must destroy Thanatos, if you want the last part of the Triforce.
-I don't want the last part of the Triforce.
-Link, you made a big error! Because you sent Zelda to seek the first part and me against Ganon, we both gained some power, but not enough to beat Thanatos! If you made this quest like it had to be, you could defeat the wizard.
-Well, you can both see the old man in the mountain, to learn to join your powers.
-But it is hard to see him.
-Yes, but you both know how an adventure is, uh? So you know how to act, Okay? Then go!"

At the real end of this story, Link was at least getting an instant of full freedom while sleeping under a hammer tree, when Zelda and Yoda appeared.
"Link, we learned to melt our powers, and we attacked Thanatos, but he defeated us.
-It's because you gained some power at the beginning of the quest, in the castle. So we need you.
-You really want me to have a bad day! Anyway... Why do you need this third part? You don't need the ultimate power!
-Her... It's kind of true...

Well, Link was sleeping under a rhinoceros tree, when Jon asked him to help him find something. Link was so angry he kicked the tree and a falling rhinoceros killed him.
Because of this tragedy, no more sequel of Zelda was made, and Nintendo had a big deficit.

Morality : There is nothing worse than a dead link.