Zelda's Traditions

Lots of details are seen in all the differents zelda. As the Chocobos and Cid in Final Fantasy.

Select Screen

Always 3 differents players are available. You can see the same "Link" character or the fairy. The number of hearts are always displayed.

Select screen from Zelda 1 on NES Select screen from Zelda 2 on NES Select screen from Zelda 3 on SNES Select screen from Zelda LA on GB Select screen from Zelda 64 on N64 Select screen from Zelda 64 on N64

Bad guy

There is a bad guy that you see on almost each Zelda : the statue that turns to life when you touch it, and attacks you.

Enemy from Zelda 1 on NES Enemy from Zelda 3 on SNES Enemy from Zelda 64 on N64


The magic sword got 2 particularities : the swirl and the "ray".
"Ray" When you got all your hearts full, only if you're not wounded at all, when you strikes with the sword, some ray (in the animated series it looks like a raygun) attacks fronts.
Swirl : This is suposed to be an ancien warrior technique, you power up for an instant and then the sword destroy with more power all the enemy close around you.
Something interesting is that the "ray" is available in Z1, Z2 and Z3 only. The swirl is Only in Z3, Z4 (gameboy) and Z64... I guess they found stupid the ray idea and keeped the swirl. Le ray in Zelda1 was very useful : it was as powerful as a normal sword attack, like if you where throwing a 2nd sword ! In Zelda 2, it is horrible to use : the "ray" do not goes more than a step far from you ! In zelda 3 it goe to the end of the screen like in Z1, but it's as powerful as maybe a quarter from the original sword power !

Check this out, move your cursor around.
Zelda 1
Zelda 2
Zelda 3
Move your cursor here to see the 3 Links "raying" together.

Navi and the owl

In Zelda on GameBoy, a owl helps you during you quest. He tells you were you can find the next palace, else you'd lost some time... In Zelda 64, there is still the owl while you're young and the Sheika when you're old. And more than that, there is Navy the fairy, who is always with you ! It absolutly impossible not to know what to do.
This is Zelda 64 big problem : even before you're confronted to the enigma, the Owl or Navy answers it first ! So, please, all with me, for the next zelda, say as a dictum : "Shut up Navy !!!!!!!!!"

Feel the (tri-)force, Link !

In Zelda 1, There are at least 2 parts of the triforce. Zelda got one, Ganon the other. It's like that in the animated series too. In zelda 3, Ganon got the whole triforce (3 parts) and in Zelda 64, we all got a part : Link, Ganon and Zelda.

One part on Link's hand One part on Zelda's hand One part on Ganon's hand

Warp and telepod

At least the deplacements : there are in Z3 8 water whirls that are connected together, and in Z1 there are secret places (move the lonely plants) connected the same way. In Z3 there are some kind of "warp" in secret passages.
The Ocarina is userful for... fly. Yes, music makes fly, (as drugs ??). In Z1, you play and a whirl tkes you to the next castle, in Z3, a bird answer to your music and can get you in 8 differents points. In Zelda GB, the music is available only at the end, when you got the all 8 instruments, and can wake up the bird that can fly you home. For Z64, they were most simple : the ocarina transfers ("Mr Spock, transfer !") you to one of the 6 places of you choice...


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