Miyamoto-san Whomp Yoshi Shigeru Miyamoto (or Myamoto) is one of the most important people in Nintendo and the creator of lots of very known games like Mario, Donkey Kong, and... Zelda !

Miyamoto says games must be easy to play : all the control and the movements must be evident for the player. That's why his games don't have thousands of options : Mario and Donkey Kong just need to jump...

Myamoto says Sonic is "A good copycat of Mario"

Life :

1952 : Born in Sonobe
1977 : Begins to work in Nintendo
1979 : In charge of Arcades Nintendo Games Design
today : Responsable of leisure's Development, projet chief, designer and director of video games

Good points for him :

Super Mario Bros NES 40M games sold
Super Mario World SNIN 7M games sold
Super Mario Kart SNIN 6,5M games sold
Donkey Kong Country SNIN 7,1M games sold