Zelda : all the games

Zelda 1 : The legend of Zelda (NES)

In this Game, you discover for the first time the world of Zelda : between the RPG and the actions games. Seek for secret entrances and hidden items...

Castles : The castles have only two levels. The second level is a cave in which you're like in a platform game. Each screen contains an entire room. At the end of it, you got to destroy an end chief and get a piece of triforce plus an additionnal heart.

Talk : When you speak to people you just go in their place and what they say is written on the floor.
You can get Many objets but can't select all of them : some works automaticly .

The whole world of Zelda 1 :


Zelda 2 : The adventure of Link (NES)

For the second adventure, the control is totally different : you're on a plat-form game like in Mario (and like in Mario, the second game is the only one to be very different from the others).

Castles : The castles look more like a level in the game like Metroid or Mario. Ennemis are always coming and you don't stop hitting.
It may even looks like a shoot them all with a sword, but you still have keys to find.

Talk : In order to speak to people you must go to them and push "B"
The game is more beautiful and the music are different. The main change is the way of playing.


Zelda 3 : A Link to the past (SNIN)

Zelda 3 on Super Nintendo got really better graphics.

A room in the 6th castle. Shots by Salagir

Castles : Now we're staying at the from-the-top view. The castle have lots of levels, and in some places there are two levels in the same room !
Talk : from Zelda2 and then, the talks are done as usual.

The whole world of Zelda 3 : (light and dark world)


Zelda 4 : Link's Awakening (GB)

This game is some find of fusion between Z1 and Z3. Because it's on GameBoy, the game can't be very complicated, so the playing is like in Zelda1, but the graphics are directly taken from Zelda3 ! (exactly the same trees, the same attacks, etc.)
This game is also different by the fact Zelda is not here. You're lost on an island and try to get out of there.

Color Gameboy : the game was colored for the color gameboy. There are also a new level and you can take pictures of the game and print them on the gameboy printer.


Zelda 5 : Ocarina of Time (N64)

Zelda 64 is also different from the others because of his integral 3D world. (It is SO like mario...). The heros can turn young or old in the game, and like the dark and light worlds in Z3, you can make interactions between the future and the past.
Coming soon : (or almost in my N64) the next zelda will be done exactly the same way Z64 was made. Except that Link will stay young.

The world of Zelda 64 :