The different items are usualy the same between the differents games. We could say that the more important are the bow and the boomerang.

Items in Zelda 1 Items in Zelda 3 Items in Zelda LA Items in Zelda 64


First you begin with a simple sword, then you get the Master Sword, which has more power. In zelda 3 you have 4 differents swords, in Z64, 3.
The bow needs arrows. In zelda 1, the only thing you have to do is buy one arrow and then you can shot for a rubis. In the others zelda, arrows are like bombs : you have to get enough ammo...
The boomerang is to zelda what the whip is to CastleVania. It's used to paralyse the enemy, but can too get back the heart or bombs thez dropped so you can have them without walk to them.
The hook has the same possibilities as the boomerang, and you can use it too to reach certain places : the hook hooks on a wooden area and you reach it.
You can use them to destroy enemies or broke a wall and find a secret entrance. You can take the bomb and throw it away before it explode.
Somehow connected to the mysterious mushroom that is found in the forest. You can make some kind of magic tricks with : light on (ZLA) or transform (Z3).
Used to teleport or flying. In every case, it's a good way to go anywhere on the map.
If you're tired of all these sophisticated weapons, be a real man and use the hammer ! If you strike on the ground, the tortoises and some other enemy turn upside down and can't move !
Fire, ice, and others elements
The magics are based on fire, ice and quake/light. You can use them on all screen or as a ray, with the bow (Z64) or magic stick (Z3).
Veeeeeery important. You usually got 4. In it, keep magic potion, or a fairy !
Get other suit so you'll be more resistant (Z3) or will be able to live in water and lava ! (Z64)
The shield is usualy the Hyrule Army Shield. But you can get others, more resistant, that can stop fireballs, of lasers.
Gloves of strength
These things make you stronger and you can move heavier objets and stones.
Good shoes so you can run, fly, or whatever.


The items table and the small gif items from Z3 were made by Salagir. The small gif items from Z64 were just modified by Salagir.