Zelda : the differents characters

Link and Zelda

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda Zelda is the most important character of the game : she is the girl you need to save. No game without a girl to save is a good game.


In Zelda 1 : Zelda divided her part of the triforce in 8 pieces and you got to take them back in order to destroy Ganon.
In Zelda 2 : The princess is asleep 'cause of a magic speel.
In Zelda 3 : The princess is taken prisonner by Agahnim, then you go fetch her and she is directly taken prisonner by Ganon.
In Zelda 4 : well... She is not in the game. A Zelda without zelda.
In Zelda 64 : In all the game we think she is prisonner but she's not ! in fact we saw her during all the game... She disguised herself and even changed the color of her eyes ! Incredible, isn't it ?

Zelda and Sheik


Link in Zelda 64

Link is the hero. In fact, in Zelda 1 you must link all the different parts of the triforce.
Zelda 2 is called "The adventure of Link", so it's clearer that the hero got this name.
Zelda 3's name is "A link to the past", pun intended.
Link in Zelda 64 Link in Zelda 2


Ganon in Zelda 64

Link in Zelda 3


Statue of Ganon in Zelda 3 Ganon is the very-bad-guy of the serie of Zelda. In zelda 1, 3 and 64, he looks for the triforce. In Zelda 1 and 64, he got one part, and in 3, he gots all of them and is very powerfull.
Another interesting thing is in Z1, Z2 and Z3 he is a sort of boar and in Z64 he is humain, but when you fight him, he turns into a giant boar-monster ! So then he didn't evolve after all...

Ganon in Zelda 2



Impa in Z2 Impa in Z1

Impa is the nurse of Zelda. In Z1, she is just looking for Link at the beginning of the game to tell him he must find the triforce. In Z2, she is seen only at the beginning too, saying to Link that Zelda is sleeping. In Z64, she is young and strong. She helps Zelda to escape from Ganon.

Impa in Z64 Impa in OoS In the GBC game "Oracle of Season", Impa is still here, ordered by Zelda to help a girl.